Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mile 1,818: New Shoes

I'd say she was in her sixties. Wearing camo cargo shorts and an Eric Cartman t-shirt that demanded, "Respect My Authority." Let's just say she stood out.

She has nothing to do with this particular little essay, except that she was at the restaurant where my wife and I ate lunch after I dropped my bike off at the shop to get new tires.

Ah... New tires. They are like a new pair of boots. Uncomfortable at first, but once you get them broke in, they are like heaven. But like an old, comfortable pair of boots, it's hard to part with well-worn tires that have taken you so many places. I do not let my tires get to the threadbare stage. Too much at stake. But even when you go a few miles too far, they still just want to keep hugging the road. And staring this morning at Rocinante like I am known to do, it was as though she just begged to go for a ride.

I think about the 10,000 miles covered by the rear tire that's now gone. What a dependable shoe. I swear by a brand that does not come stock on Harleys, not only for the extra miles, but for how tight they handle. And once you get them broken in... well... they're like a pair of comfortable shoes. If Forrest Gump were into motorcycle tires, he would look at these and say just that: "Those must be comfortable shoes."

But not yet. These are going to take a while to break in. High-performance tires need a little more time, a few more miles than usual. Just the way I like it. So I think I'll go for a ride. Be back in a few days.

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