Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mile 3,933: Quiet Colorado

The last few days of riding were epic, to say the least. I will certainly do quite a bit of writing when I return home in a couple of weeks, but I will still throw in a few entries here and there along the way.

My daughter and I went for another ride yesterday afternoon when she begged me to take her out again. But the minute we pulled out of our driveway it started raining and raining and raining. We rode through downtown Estes Park through the touristy area, and went in search of a gas station. Might as will make it a useful outing.

We finally found the one gas station next to the grocery store. And I do mean the only one. We rode up next to a giant charter bus that someone had shoe polished on the windows, "CHEESE IS LIFE."

We got off the bike, at which point she asked me how you get gas into that motorcycle anyway. When you've been riding as long as I have, you don't think about having to teach others such rudimentary tasks. That's a part of the life we really don't think about that much.

As we pumped our gas, the rain started falling even harder. We got back on, headed for home, and finally wound our way up the mountainside drive to our house for the week.

And that's where we've been for about the last 12 hours. And we will probably be here in this house for another 24 hours or so. The tarot card readers are saying that it should stop raining sometime tonight. At least until tomorrow afternoon. We most likely won't ride today. And while that frustrates me on the one hand, on the other hand there is something to be said for taking a day off, just resting, reflecting on the previous days rides, and looking forward to the days to come. 

I am pretty sure that truth applies to most everything else in life.

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